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W70 3D

Award-winning design and an excellent seating experience

The W70 3D – Clear, simple design made of high-quality materials

Award-winning design and an excellent seating experience. That is the W70. In addition to the classic version with a four-leg or swing base, there is the 3D version equipped with the new Dondola® ³. The unique, light look combined with the three-dimensional mobility of the chair’s upper frame make this model the new highlight of any meeting room.

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Series overview



Groundbreaking invention: Wagner’s first and proven design of the Dondola® seat joint provides an exceptionally good seating experience. The unique component underneath the seat contains a clever mechanism with advanced materials and decouples the rigid connection between the seat and the chair base. In this way, the flexible joint ensures that the body is effectively stimulated to make gentle micro-movements while sitting.

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