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The invention of Casual Seating

Well-being arises from the interplay of rest and movement

The three-dimensional joint of the Dondola chair forms the centerpiece of Wagner’s collection. Because it decouples the rigid connection to the chair’s base it provides micro-movements which, at the same time, relieve and strengthen the spine while seated. Moreover, the results of a groundbreaking scientific study demonstrate that, after having used a Dondola chair for about six months, the vast majority of subjects suffered either less or not at all from backaches.

In a nutshell, Dondola® works! It is Wagner’s top priority to improve productivity through increased wellbeing. The most important criterion when buying an office chair should not be whether the chair moves but how the chair moves.

Casual seating made by WAGNER with our unique Dondola® moving joints!

Peter Wagner


Groundbreaking invention: Wagner’s first and proven design of the Dondola® seat joint provides an exceptionally good seating experience. The unique component underneath the seat contains a clever mechanism with advanced materials and decouples the rigid connection between the seat and the chair base. In this way, the flexible joint ensures that the body is effectively stimulated to make gentle micro-movements while sitting.


Pioneering and innovative: the Dondola® 4D-joint. This unique element of the D1 is not only characterized by its striking red color, but you´ll also find a smart mechanism hidden inside made up of advanced materials. It decouples the rigid connection between the seat and the chair’s base and stimulates the body’s micro-movements while seated.

The three-dimensional movement of the upper part of the chair is enhanced by the mobility of the opening angle of seat and back rest and moves them into the fourth dimension. This revolutionary mechanism runs particularly smoothly and absolutely noiselessly.


Together with Sven von Boetticher, the engineers of WAGNER managed to almost invisibly integrate the Dondola®+ technology into the new chair series. The joint is located within the plastic shell which constitutes the core of the W-2020 series. The seat is centrally mounted and moves smoothly in all directions.


The Dondola®3 joint is inconspicuous but innovative. This unique element is concealed within a plain case. It contains a smart mechanism made up of advanced materials and is able to decouple the rigid connection between the seat and the chair’s base.

A small element with enormous effects! Sitting comfort is further enhanced by subtle movements and demonstrably improved back health.

The built-in Dondola® technology decouples the rigid connection to the chair’s base and thereby makes it possible for the entire upper part of the chair to be three-dimensionally mobile.


Proven technology in a new design: the Smart Dondola® seat joint from Wagner enables mobile sitting like never before and gives the S1 a unique sitting sensation. The pivot point of the chair is ergonomically located directly below the spine. In addition, the connection between the seat and the lower part of the chair is decoupled by two elastic plastic clasps. In this way, the chair stimulates 3-dimensional micro-movements almost unnoticed and leads to a gentle strengthening of the back muscles.

Smart component with enormous effects! Fine movement sequences thanks to the Smart Dondola® seat joint increase sitting comfort and demonstrably improve back health.

The Invention


This success story began in 1999 when Stephan Meyer, a designer and inventor, who had been suffering from backaches, set out to find something that would provide relief from his back pain – especially when sitting.

The idea of being seated yet in motion was born.

Stephan Meyer and Peter Wagner are connected not only by their long-time friendship but also by a pioneering spirit and ingenuity.

Key results of the Dondola® study

Wagner redefines sitting. At the heart of Wagner chairs is the three-dimensional Dondola® seat joint. It decouples the rigid connection to the chair base and thus ensures micro-movements during sitting that relieve and strengthen the spine. Two scientific studies conducted by the Orthopaedic Clinic for the University of Regensburg (Director: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Joachim Grifka) prove that the Dondola® seat joint is the right choice for the right posture: The Dondola® seat joint provides lasting support for back health.