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Wagner – Young brand with tradition

1976 is the year Apple was born. But other successful brands were also founded in this year. While Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak were tinkering with their first computer in a garage in Silicon Valley, Michael Wagner was tinkering with his first office swivel chairs in his father’s small chair factory. In October, he and his wife Christine founded Topstar – laying the foundation for the start of Wagner. In the meantime, Michael Wagner, together with his three sons and many dedicated employees, has turned the small chair manufacturer into one of the most renowned office and swivel chair manufacturers in Europe. With the experience gained from supplying a wide variety of national and international markets, ongoing training and further education of the approximately 520 employees, in-depth quality assurance measures and the constant modernization of production and logistics processes, the company has become one of the most important producers and most reliable partners of the trade in the entire office chair industry.

Location advantage

The fact that innovation and success also have to do with continuity has been proven by Topstar and Wagner at the Langenneufnach site for more than 70 years. As early as 1950, Moritz Wagner, Michael Wagner’s father, started the industrial production of wooden chairs at the same location. In the meantime, the company site has become one of the world’s most modern manufacturing facilities for seating furniture. Office and swivel chairs are manufactured on a production and storage area of 100,000 square meters. The fact that quality and durability have always been the company’s top priorities can be seen in the Wagner wooden chairs. These robust pub chairs can still be found today in numerous restaurants in the region. 

The birth of the Wagner brand

The start of the new millennium was also the prelude to the launch of the Wagner brand. In 1999, there was a call in the trade for a high-end brand. Topstar answered this call in a unique way with its Exclusive-Line, the Wagner wellness office chair collection, with highly ergonomic and highly functional products. The most important innovation of the Wagner chairs was the patented Dondola® seat joint, which is used in all chairs of the Wagner series.

Successful concept

Wagner’s most successful and popular model is the Alumedic series. This office swivel chair combines design, functionality and the idea of wellness to perfection. The positive effects of the Alumedic chairs on the back are proven by an extensive study conducted by the most renowned and recognized European specialist in the field of occupational and social medicine.

Movement as a trademark

Health, design and functionality have been a particular focus of the Wagner brand since its inception. All products and every innovation are driven by these guiding principles. The claim is to develop products and concepts with the highest innovative strength that harmoniously combine aesthetics and ergonomics.