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AluMedic Black Edition

True values endure

New design in black finish

The current new edition of the AluMedic appears completely in matt black and in a completely revised design. All components have been reduced to the essentials. The chair has an ultra-modern look, is lighter in weight and can be used even more flexibly. It boasts all the advantages of a highly developed office chair.

The AluMedic Black Edition is also equipped with double-movement Dondola® technology for the seat and backrest. This allows for healthy sitting with perfect ergonomics – and fits into any professional office or home-office environment in a contemporary fashion.

Experience product in AR

If you own an AR-enabled Apple device, you can view this Wagner product directly in your home using augmented reality.

Configure now!

Do you want to assemble a product according to your wishes?

With our configurator you can try out individual combinations and even download them as a PDF, as well as a screenshot. Or else, please send a request with the link of your configuration to a dealer near you.

For the planning of rooms or large projects, your configurations can be downloaded in the 3D formats dwg and 3ds.

If you would like assistance with your project, our planning office staff will be happy to help.


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Here you can find our dealers.

Product image, data sheet and planning data

Product image, data sheet and planning data are available for download directly at the configuration.

Brochure and catalog download

Downloads are available directly at the configuration.

Contact and contact persons

Our contact form and sales contacts can be found here.

The invention


Groundbreaking invention: Wagner’s first and proven design of the Dondola® seat joint provides an exceptionally good seating experience. The unique component underneath the seat contains a clever mechanism with advanced materials and decouples the rigid connection between the seat and the chair base. In this way, the flexible joint ensures that the body is effectively stimulated to make gentle micro-movements while sitting.

Learn more about Dondola® technology