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WAGNER AluMedic Black Edition
New design with elegant black finish!

Moving for work space and home office

The current new edition of the AluMedic appears completely in matt black and in a completely revised design. All components have been reduced to the essentials. The chair has an ultra-modern look, is lighter in weight and can be used even more flexibly. It boasts all the advantages of a highly developed office chair. The AluMedic Black Edition is also equipped with double-movement dondola® technology for the seat and backrest. This allows for healthy sitting with perfect ergonomics – and fits into any professional office or home-office environment in a contemporary fashion.

WAGNER‘s ergonomics concept now includes a wide variety of office chair, lounge chair, seat and bar stool models. All models support the movement of their user.

The newly available AluMedic Black Edition adds another model to the classic product family. All components are in matte black and reduced to the essentials. This means that the chair fits into any office or home office environment and can be used very flexibly. The advantages of the AluMedic chair series are retained. The new model also has movement joints in the seat and backrest.