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Iconic design meets groundbreaking production technology

Design by Hadi Teherani

printed @ #wagnerdesignlab X Thorsten Franck

Hadi Teherani has – together with the Wagner Living Team – completely redefined ergonomic sitting and pushed the limits of design to a new level. With the help of 3D printing, three-dimensional, movable „active stools“ are being produced in series at the seating furniture factory in Langenneufnach in Bavaria. For the time being, these stools are being produced in three different heights. Using 3D-printing, it is, moreover, possible to produce and adapt the stool to any height – down to the milimetre. Ecologically designed from Greentec Bio-Filament, a material made from 100% renewable raw materials that is biodegradable. The rounded footrest and seat render the stool ergonomic as anyone seated on the stool continues to move. The back muscles are activated and strengthened – in line with Wagner Living‘s motto „move your life“.

The shape is iconic and reveals Hadi Teherani‘s signature style which is reflected and recognizable in many of his national and international architectural projects.

Statement of the jury

Statement of the jury:

“The ‘W3D’ stools, 3D-printed from 100% recyclable organic plastic, not only enable ergonomic sitting, they also impress with their fascinating sculptural appearance, which makes them an eye-catcher in any room.”


Statement from the jury:

“The three-dimensionally movable active stool “W3D” by Wagner Living and Hadi Teherani is manufactured using 3D printing from 100 per cent renewable, biodegradable raw materials and is suitable for decentralised production. Parametrically constructed, the shape has an artistic fold that stretches inwards and outwards like a textile. From every perspective, “W3D” appears different, closed and open, robust and fragile.”

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