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on your 80th birthday!

Wagner at Design Post

Wagner “Chairity” for the benefit of the Michael Wagner “Kinderlachen” Foundation

For INTERNORGA, WAGNER has come up with something very special for the chair. On the occasion of the 80th birthday of Michael WAGNER, son of the company founder, who has led the company to its current size over the last 45 years, the #wagnerdesignlab team has developed a new interpretation of the chair using WAGNER’s patented Dondola® technology, which is invisibly installed between the chair base and top.

Made of recycled plastic, suitable for outdoor use and customisable in 80 different colours for every catering project. As WAGNER for everyone, the product should be affordable and the highlight: a considerable amount of money from each chair sold goes to the Michael WAGNER Foundation Kinderlachen, which was founded 20 years ago on the occasion of Michael Wagner’s 60th birthday.

Even then, customers and suppliers contributed substantially to the donations for the foundation. Incidentally, the majority of the very valuable tools for the “Chairity” chair were donated by a long-standing plastics partner of WAGNER. A project that will certainly last for a long time and is just one example of how sustainability in the form of social responsibility is lived out every day at WAGNER and its business partners. Designers will also be able to participate in the project in the future with designs and share in the income for the foundation accordingly.

Der W-1960 “CHAIRITY” Chair!

Wagner at Design Post
Wagner at Design Post

For each chair sold, a considerable amount is donated to the Stiftung Kinderlachen (Children’s Laughter Foundation).

The legendary W-1960 from the early days of the Wagner chair factory was developed by the #wagnerdesignlab team in cooperation with our long-standing partner Bock from Postbauer-Heng using recycled plastic and equipped with the Dondola® system patented by Wagner. On the occasion of Michael Wagner’s 80th birthday, wagner design GmbH and the company Bock bear the costs for the tools.

In future, a considerable amount of the proceeds from each chair will go to the Michael Wagner Foundation “Kinderlachen” for as long as the product is on the market.

If you would also like to make a donation, simply click on the following link: