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D2 – The future is now


“It´s time to think about sustainable architecture.”

Design by Stefan Diez x Gonzalez Haase AAS 

D2 is a parametric furniture system made from commercially available lightweight aluminium or cardboard panels. In terms of the circular economy, these two materials are currently the only ones that can be recycled by type, unlike comparable board materials. With specially developed polyamide fittings, matching aluminium profiles and back panels made of translucent polycarbonate, the panels can be assembled without tools to create shelving and customised room solutions.

D2 is offered as Masterpieces in two series variants made of aluminium. In addition, Wagner offers the planning and the patent-pending connector individually and not the finished piece of furniture.

Experience modular construction system “D2”!

Wagner at Design Post
Wagner at Design Post

Sustainable and innovative!