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With real-life case studies from medium-sized companies and many practical tips

Publisher: Rainer Maria Wagner, Topstar GmbH, Langenneufnach, Germany

Pioneering spirit and inventiveness have a long tradition in the Wagner family, owner of the Swabian-Bavarian chair specialist TOPSTAR with its two brands “Topstar” and “Wagner Living”. Prof. Dr. Rainer Maria Wagner has developed a close link between the company’s activities and science based on this tradition. Topstar has been working on scientific research projects for about 15 years. He also teaches Production and Quality Management, in addition to other subjects, as a visiting lecturer at Fresenius University in Munich. Based on one of the first scientific research projects relating to Industry 4.0 (“Steps”,, supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, BMBF), an exciting anthology was created that also includes two of Topstar’s practical contributions – for example, what may be Europe’s most state-of-the-art production line for seating furniture, controlled in real-time and supported by freely navigating robotic vehicles


• Strategic Aspects: Industry 4.0 as a “management issue”
• Technical Aspects: Current tools relating to Industry 4.0
• Human Aspects: Industry 4.0 can only work with motivated employeesbr />• Best Practices: A detailed guide for companies changing over to Industry 4.0
• A look into the future of Industry 4.0

Publication date:

End of August 2018

Bound Edition
– 37,99 € ISBN 978-3-658-21117-2
– 29,99 € ISBN 978-3-658-21118-9

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