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D1 by Diez – The invention of casual office!

Well-being arises from the interplay of rest and movement

At the heart of WAGNER’s seating furniture is the three-dimensional Dondola seat joint. It decouples the rigid connection to the chair base and thus ensures micro-movements while sitting, which relieve and strengthen the spine.

The groundbreaking results of a scientific study: the vast majority of test subjects reported having less or no back pain after using a Dondola chair for about six months. In short: Dondola® works!

WAGNER’s primary goal is to provide improved performance through increased well-being. The most important criterion when buying an office chair must be how it moves, not whether it moves!


Over 95 per cent of the participants found the Dondola-chair to be (very) comfortable and were (very) happy with it


Over 84 per cent of the participants found their feeling of sitting to be more active


Over 56 per cent of the test persons with back problems (745) felt a relief from their backpain (422)

Dondola® 4D

Together with Stefan Diez, our engineers have really accomplished something special. After two years of development they created a masterpiece. It transfers the three-dimensional movement of the upper part of the chair to the next dimension through the flexibility of the opening angle between the seat and the back of the chair–thereby making an entirely new experience of sitting. The four-dimensional movement of the revolutionary Dondola® 4D mechanism runs particularly smoothly and absolutely noiselessly. We can confidently promise you that this chair will move you like no other!

Moving design

The D1 provides micro-movements while sitting due to the Dondola Joint 4D

The process of creation in pictures

PHASE 1 – Definition of the design

PHASE 2 – Development of the movement joint

PHASE 3 – Test series of the carbon frame

PHASE 4 – Presentation of the first prototypes

THE secret of the D1

Dondola® 4D

Stylish and innovative: the Dondola® 4D seat joint. This unique component of the D1 is not only distinguished by its being in eye-catching red. Hidden inside it is also a clever mechanism with sophisticated materials. It decouples the rigid connection between the seat and the bottom of the chair, ensuring that the body is stimulated to make gentle micro-movements while sitting.

The three-dimensional movement of the chair top is complemented by the mobility of the opening angle of the seat and backrest, bringing them into the fourth dimension–a revolutionary mechanism that is particularly smooth and absolutely silent.

Learn more about Dondola® technology

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